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At London Plastering and Rendering Ltd, we’re committed to delivering high quality

As well as providing the necessary finish and protection to internal and external surfaces, plastering and rendering helps improve acoustics, protects against fire and water damage and offers thermal benefits to regulate heat and cold temperatures. Our services are suitable for both dry and wet areas, like kitchens and bathrooms, as well as refurbishments, new builds or spaces that simply need a decorative lift. We plaster and render walls, ceilings, floors and other surfaces and work on both residential and commercial buildings. And we carry out plastering and rendering in London or anywhere in the UK.

Our quality approach

Whenever we’re planning a plastering or rendering job the first thing we’ll do is check the surface, because preparing well is key to a great finish. We check for such things as soundness, dryness and suction level, for warning signs such as the presence of moisture and whether a course of damp proofing or priming is necessary. That way we can make sure the right type of plaster is used and applied to the right thickness, and also guarantee our clients a highly professional and durable finish.

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At London Plastering and Rendering, we offer a vast range of choice for low maintenance yet high performing external finishes for both refurbishments and new builds. Work is carried out using the pumping power of a rendering machine, which helps our clients achieve in a single application what would otherwise take multiple processes via traditional methods. As you will see, we are certified by a number of manufacturers to offer a wide range of rendering products. So, from residential buildings to commercial buildings such as office blocks, nurseries, surgeries or care homes, from small scale development to multi-level shopping centres or office blocks, the external rendering service we offer is robust enough to deliver a totally satisfactory and professional finish.


On top of that we’re right on the helm of change in the building industry, whether as a result of technology, health and safety or building regulations. We can therefore provide advice on areas like choosing the right type of render for a building’s substrate or the best system for achieving the kind of U-value your project needs to meet the latest building standards. It all adds to ensure cost effectiveness in what can often become a costly project.

We offer the following external rendering options in London and around the UK:


Self-coloured render -  weather resistant self-coloured or through coloured render such as K Render, StoRend, Parexlanko or Weber. These provide beautiful finishes on any type of external brick or blockwork in a single application. Not only do they also offer greater protection against cracks and damage due to building movement or impact, but also a wide range of anti-fading colours that are low maintenance and yet high performing.


External insulated render systems – keeping the heat in and cold out at the right time of the season is a breeze once you know how. Choose from multi layer to single skin or frame to insulation systems with redbrick and other type of render finishes. We also have on hand silicone renders to provide that high vapour quality your project needs. With the EWI systems we use at London Plastering and Rendering, there’s no need to compromise on aesthetics or high value thermal performance.


Decorative render finishes – choose from a variety of durable weather resistant and low maintenance decorative patterns, textures and colours – from white to contrasts to richly coloured. We’re also certified to use through coloured renders like Parexlanko, which provides your project with a breathable and waterproof decorative finish in little time. We use high quality rendering products that can offer up to 15 times more protection than ordinary cement systems. With the use of our rendering machine projects are completed very efficiently.


Exterior cement boards – from traditional cement and sand renders to renders reinforced with strengthening materials such as fibre glass, Monocouche full mesh and other types of full mesh waterproof rendering. Whatever type of project, you’ll still get the same high resistance against water penetration, rot and more. External cement boards are also very quick to install making even the most demanding exterior rendering job cost effective and simple.

At the London Plastering and Rendering company, we pay careful attention to make sure that any plastering job we carry out is done so using a multi-point quality control approach. We’ll make sure the right type of plaster and plasterboard materials are used to offer maximum and relevant acoustic, thermal, fire or moisture control protection for your commercial or residential space – whether that’s an office, meeting or living area, hallway, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, basement, loft space, stairwell or any place else. We’ll also offer our expertise to ensure the work meets increasingly-stringent building regulations.


We offer the following internal plastering options in London and around the UK:


Drylining systems – a quicker and just as effective alternative to wet finishes, and frequently referred to as the ‘dot and dab’ method, drylining affixes plasterboard either directly to your walls using a plaster-based adhesive, or installs it using a timber or steel frame, which is first attached to the walls. Trust our experts to help you make the right decision.


Metal stud partitions – quickly transform any domestic or commercial space using a series of metal stud partitions to install new walls. Our steel frame and plasterboard systems offer great insulation for sound and heat retention and offer the ideal solution for home, office, nursery, clinics and other commercial situations.


MF suspended ceilings – easily conceal unsightly ceiling areas with a seamless and smart looking suspended MF ceiling. The steel grid beams used in an MF suspended ceiling complement most internal drylining installations and offer additional support to the concrete floor above.


Quality interior finishes – we offer a variety of choice in high quality interior finishes for any type of wall, whether fixed, removable, panelled or partitioned. From stylistic ragging, speckle, crackle, sponging, chalk board and more, they offer additional insulation benefits and can be the perfect solution for holes, cracks and other surface imperfections.


Skimming – whether your walls needs skimming in order to create a smooth finish for painting, wallpapering or other decorative finish, the London Plastering and Rendering company has the expertise to deliver a quick and high quality turnaround.

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